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she walks the children
he walks away
got a job to do a plane to catch
he’ll be a man some other day

he’ll bring her souvenirs
to try and make amends
for all the time he spends. . .

their anniversary
he’ll forget that day
sometimes rings are made of smoke
still we wear them anyway

she hears he’s leaving
doesn’t matter where
if only he would bother her
like early gray in auburn hair
and so on

he’ll bring her souvenirs from places far away
an ashtray from atlanta
a shirt from santa fe
he’ll bring her souvenirs
then say goodbye

when your life is left to circumstance
the sky won’t rain
and the sun won’t dance
to the song they played on your wedding day
you remember
it made you cry

he’ll bring you souvenirs to try and make amends
a lonesome note from nashville
a cross from new orleans
another souvenir
welcome home

he walks the children
she walks away

lyrics ©1998 john martin
music ©1998 John Martin, and jeff siri