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Note: Most of these recordings are admittedly poor, noisy, and use 16 bit drum samples but we still think the songs are worth a listen...


Every so often a songwriting entity comes along that “gets it right”, without lyrical or musical compromise.  After listening through to the first chorus, or reading the lyrics of just one song, you'll realize that John Martin, and Jeff Siri, were just such an entity.

Natives of Portland, Oregon, both Martin and Siri spent the greater part of the 80’s in southern California, honing their chops and fighting off the “sharks,” completely unaware of each other’s existence. It wasn't until moving back to Portland that the two met, and the musical "magic" happened.

Simply put, Jeff is musical prodigy who can play virtually any instrument put in front of him, and his ability to come up with new musical ideas is endless. His immense talent was perfectly complimented by John’s ability to pluck a memorable if not haunting melody out of thin air, and wrap it up inside of what could possibly be some of the finest lyrics ever penned.

Jeff and john appeared on the first TAXI “best of” CD, with a song called “Leaving Mother,” and won a national songwriting competition for “best rock/top 40 song,” with a tune called “I Need A Tear." The songs on this website were written between 1995, and 2005 and all of them were written as a duo with the exception of Cinderella, God and Listerine, Weeds, and All the Same. Jeff and John have not written or recorded together since 2005.

*Update*: Jeff and John have recently caught up with each other again, and Jeff has agreed to play lead guitar on a project (9 songs) that John has been working on for the last year and a half...we'll keep you posted!


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